Condensation - One of the most common damp problems.

Cold Spots Resulting in Condensation

Free Site Survey One of the most common causes of damp on internal walls is condensation. What happens is that condensation forms when warm moist air within a room touches a cold internal wall or surface. The warm moist air cools down, and condenses back into water. The condensation will then sit on the internal wall and create damp patches all over it.

Condensation is most common in rooms with a lot of air moisture, such as kitchens and bathrooms. It's mainly, but not always, a winter problem, as at this time of year walls are much colder than the air inside. Condensation can be exacerbated by poor ventilation and heating that comes on and off, as this allows warm, damp air to condense. The removal of existing chimneys and energy-saving measures, such as fitting air-tight double glazing, can reduce ventilation.

Condensation problems can occur when structural defects in a building mean the moisture content has become too high. Quite often old houses have no damp-proof course (DPC) and there is inadequate ventilation in these properties.
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Control Humidity & Provide Ventilation

Control the relative humidity in your home through the use of extractor fans in kitchens and bathrooms. Shutting the doors to these rooms whilst the extractor fans work also helps. Ensure there is adequate ventilation, trickle vents in windows work well but these need to be clear of any debris.

Left Untreated

Left untreated, condensation can cause wooden window frames to decay and damage the paint and plaster on the walls. If you think your property is suffering from damp or condensation, The Glasgow Damp Proofing Company can provide the best help & advice. Please give us a call sooner rather than later as this is a problem that's unlikely to go away by itself.

At Glasgow Damp Proofing we provide a site surveying service to help diagnose the exact problem, we will then advise you on the right solution - so why not contact our team today for more information.

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