Penetrating Damp

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Pentrating Damp Causes

Free Site Survey Penetrating damp (rain penetrating the walls through masonry) is as common a problem whereby moisture enters a building horizontally (and not from the ground up) through the walls. This often occurs when there is a building fault such as a broken gutter or drainpipe, which causes water to pool against the exterior of the building and consequently seep through to the interior.

Another main cause of penetrating damp is via an earth retaining wall (that is to say a wall whose exterior is below the level of the ground such as a basement or a building built into a slope). In any case, penetrating damp can seriously undermine the structure of your walls and must be addressed by the specialists at Glasgow Damp Proofing.

Wall thickness can also play a part, particularly where a single skin construction exists or where solid walls reduce in thickness due to the bearing ends of timbers being buried in the structure. Construction details such as parapet walls, valley gutters, secret gutters, string courses, cornices, window cills, chimneys and flashings are often problematic and lead to free water being introduced to a structure. If rainwater that has penetrated a structure cannot readily evaporate and dry out due to the presence of dense materials, such as sand and cement rendering or sand and cement pointing, water is held in the structure for prolonged periods and can cause significant damage. It is not uncommon to find that dense materials have been applied in an effort to combat Penetrating Dampness.

Fixing Penetrating Damp

Fixing a Penetrating Damp Problem

The first step to fixing a penetrating damp issue is to identify and fix the source of moisture that is causing the problem. Once the source of the moisture has been located and fixed, consideration can be taken to repairing any plaster damage or timber damage, or where necessary to install a waterproof membrane to keep the area dry. The Glasgow Damp Proofing Company provide a comprehensive service to diagnose a defect that is causing a problem and also carry out all required works to remedy the problem from inspection and diagnosis to building repairs, treatment and final wall plastering.

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